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About Us

Future Fragment is a leader in the field of Voice analytics, our edge leveraged through the power of Artificial Intelligence.

We are passionate in our pursuit of various voice technologies spanning from identification and verification to modification and replication. We understand the difference between seeing and understanding We believe that users should not need to have a huge knowledge of complicated systems to understand what their data is trying to tell them. Simplicity on the surface, data that jumps out at you means your life is easier, connections between data made for you means that one more item is left off your to-do list.

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Life long learning

Rather pioneer and fail than follow and succeed

To develop software that truly helps mankind

To conquer what is believed impossible

Life long learning implores us to keep growing, as a company and as individuals. New perspectives come as a gift of new learnings and keeps stagnation in the corner. We're moving forward, come with us.

We want to lead the world down the path we've choosen, to change the current way of the world is no easy feat but rather trip and stumble onto something marvelous than live life as a sheep.

Helping mankind interact with the world in a way that is new, innovative and smashes the digital divide.

Impossible; to those brave enough to try is only one step beyond what has already been done.
Walk on Future Fragment.

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Cognisance is your fully fledged execution compliance partner.

From retail execution measurements to product price compliance and in depth analysis in near real time thanks to our Machine Learning prowess. We give you the tools to take control.

WatchDog voice authentication biometric solution


Device agnostic authentication.

WatchDog is a secure service layer, from authenticating time and attendance events to securing you call centre application and providing secure, hassle free caller ID verifications with in-depth analysis and reporting. Easily integratable into your existing infrastructure due to it's cloud based nature.

Cognisance image recognition gif